Can-Ceed Technologies Ltd. is located in Cambridge Ontario Canada with a mission of import and export for industrial technologies and products. It has successfully introduced variety of oversea mining and industrial equipments to customers in China, Mongolia and Myanmar. At the same time, we are working actively to promote industrial products from China to the international mining market.

Main business:
Mining equipments distributor for China
Distributor for industrial products from China
Consulting service for doing business with China

Our business partners are around world including China, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe who provide best return over investment solutions, products as well as services.

Our clients include many large mining enterprises:

P R. China
  • Shenhua Zhungeer Energy Ltd.
  • Shenhua Xinjiang Energy Ltd.
  • Shenhua Ningxia Energy Ltd.
  • Shenhua Baorixile Energy Ltd.
  • Shenhua Beidian Shengli Energy Ltd.
P R. China
  • China Coal Pingshuo Ltd.
  • Huaneng Yimin Coal and Power Ltd.
  • Datang Xilinhot Energy Ltd.
  • China Power Bai Yin Hua Energy Ltd.
  • Huolinhe Open Pit Coal Industrial
Mongolia Republic
  • Rio Tinto Oyu Tolgoi
  • MCS International Inc
  • Wanbao Mining
       (Myanmar) Copper Limited

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